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Best Glass Paint Glassprimer

Glass Paint is the Best Glass Paint to use for colored glass applications such as:
  • Colored Glass Kitchen Back splash
  • Back Painted Glass Counter Tops
  • Decorative Colored Glass
  • Colored Glass Splash back
  • Painted Glass Panels
  • Painted Glass Dividers
  • Spandrel Glass
Why Paint Glass

Back painted glass is a new trend that has taken over the decorative glass industry. Founded in Australia about 25 years ago, the United States has just began to catch on to this new trend. Many glass shops around the country can agree it is quite difficult to get in touch with professional quality back painted glass in their area due to the simple fact that paint doesn't effectively bond to glass. Glassprimer™ was introduced into the USA in 2003, and has opened the doors to all the professional grade back painted glass fabricators to date. Being that glass is extremely fragile, shipping glass is extremely risky and difficult. Most shipments of back painted glass usually have a breakage risk of 25%-30% and when waiting the general turn around time for back painted glass, (4-6 weeks) this is a pretty risky material to handle. Glassprimer™ lets you become the professional in a few quick easy steps, this avoids that long lead time, eliminates the high shipping charges/breakage issues, and cuts your price down to a fraction of what suppliers charge for back painted glass.

How To
  • Fabricate "low Iron" 1/4" glass with lightly sanded edges
  • Clean glass surface thoroughly
  • Paint glass surface with Glassprimer™ Glass Paint
  • Let paint dry
  • Install the finished back painted glass just like a glass mirror

Glassprimer™ Glass Paint Application Use/Video

Best Glass Paint!
Glassprimer™ Glass Paint

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